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From India By Donation

Diamond Pendant & Necklace Giveaway

PureFrost.com is giving away a FREE diamond pendant and chain - Yes you read right, FREE! As part of an international promotional campaign, we have been contracted by various diamond producers to conduct the largest diamond giveaway ever. Our previous giveaway, which was offering FREE 1pt diamonds, was a complete success! This is not a sweepstakes or a contest. To ensure the diamond pendant and necklace reaches you, please fill in the form provided below. Make sure the details you provide us are correct, as this will ensure that your necklace and diamond pendant are securely delivered to you.

Just send us your contact info using the form below.

Country Birth Year
First Name Last Name
Address 1 Address 2
City State/Province
Zip Telephone
E-mail Confirm E-mail

By selecting this box, I agree that all the information I have provided in the form above, to be true. If found to be not true, I may be exempt from the entry.


MSRP $39.95

Depending on your screen resolution, the actual size may not be exactly as shown

Why are we giving away a black and white diamond pendant?

In recent years the popularity and perceived value of diamonds has begun to fall behind that of precious metals such as gold and platinum. As a part of an international promotional campaign Pure Frost will be giving away a limited amount of pendant sets absolutely free. If you want one, please hurry because the promotion ends when the vault is empty!

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